Jungle Ayahuasca Tours

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Our jungle programs are the very special travel-experience we can offer you. Here you will get in contact with nature in a way so close that you would never had expected to be possible. All tours are customized depending on your interests, needs and wishes. If you want to heal from a certain illness, learn about the (medical) plants of the jungle, have Ayahuasca ceremonies, explore the native cultures or just want one of the most special bushcraft experiences in world, we can make all of this possible. If you don´t speak Spanish, Jair can translate for you from Spanish to English.

You will be guided by 2-3 experts of the amazon jungle, depending on the size of the travel group:

– Jair as your personal guide, interpreter and assistant.

– Miguel as the expert of natural medicines, healer and shaman.

– Juan as the expert for guiding, hunting and bushcraft.

Jair, Juan, Eli and Miguel.

Jair, Juan, Eli and Miguel.

The minimum duration of a jungle tour is 5 days, as each tour includes a min. of two days traveling by boat on the Ucayali river from Pucallpa into the jungle. Therefore we recommend a trip duration of 10-14 days.  

If you want to get in touch with isolated native tribes, that usually don´t allow even locals to visit or study them, Miguel is also able to act as a middleman and introduce you to those places and people on demand. Those expeditions will take a min. of 20 days.

Dates and prices are on demand and vary depending on the size of the group and the duration of the trip.