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Miguel (born in 1951) is a master of the natural medicine (maestro curandero) and was initiated by the native master Don Abelardo Oroche Tamani. He speaks Spanish (español), Quechua, the language of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, the language of the Ashaninka tribe, the language of Kaschibo tribe, next to other dialects of other Amazon Indians.

If you want to get in touch with isolated native tribes, that usually don´t allow even locals to visit or study them, Miguel is also able to act as a middleman and introduce you to those places and people on demand. Those expeditions will take a min. of 20 days.

Curandero Don Miguel is practicing as a healer in Pucallpa for local and also foreign people since 1976. One of his specializations is the use of trees and it´s bark. Going through the jungle with Miguel, you can pick out any plant, tree or animal, and he will be able to tell you the medical function and purpose of it. If you have a certain problem, illness or even disease, Miguel will guide you through the jungle to collect and finally cook all necessary ingredients for your individual healing.

Don Miguel Pinchi Rivera

To be able to diagnose your health, Miguel can conduct a few ceremonies with you during your stay, as he is also a powerful guide and master of the Ayahuasca ceremonies. Health problems are always a combination of spiritual, emotional/ mental and physical problems. Ceremonies and natural medicine puts all into place as a holistic diagnose and therapy.  

There are many “shamans” and Ayahuasca tourism businesses out there, but there are huge differences in the practice, power and experience of ceremony guides. This been said, you will feel and know after your first ceremony that you are in good hands with Miguel. This trust is always very crucial for the Ayahuasca experience and healing – be it mentally, spiritually and physically. During your first ceremonies, you will purge and purify, to have more clear and deeper ceremonies as further you proceed. The pure jungle is the perfect setting for this process.

Connecting with the natural spirits has been a cultural part of humanity since over 60.000 years all around the world – usually known as shamanism. It is the oldest form of spirituality and “religious” practice.

A lot of this knowledge has been lost, but there are still people like Miguel able to open secret doors to universal knowledge and experience. This “con scienta” – shared knowledge – or consciousness is secret, powerful and holistic. As purer your intentions and heart is, the more you will be shown.

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