Pucallpa Tours

City Tour (Departures from 9am and 13:30pm), you can visit

  • The zoo with many animals (national park) and the animal museum.
  • The most famous park in the city with the oldest TREE in Pucallpa (The Lupuna).
  • The oldest plaza in Pucallpa. (RELOJ PUBLICO)
  • The Ucayali river.
  • Typical Shipibo market.


– We have two programmes for the tour of the Lagoon Yarina Cocha full day.

  1. Cultural program –To visit the Shipibo-Conibo community where you can do activities such as fishing, swimming in the lake, learn how to make ceramic in the ovens, as well as learning how to sew traditional Peruvian dressing and clothing.
  2. Program contact with the animals – To visit the ecological park, for example: the jungla (mini zoo, including photos with anacondas). Visiting another park where you can see the biggest fish in the Amazon (The Payche), as well as the Artisan community called August 11. You have an option to swim in the lagoon or rent a jet ski as well as eating typical Pucallpa dishes.

Tour of the Waterfalls (from 7:30am – 18:00pm)

  • Before visiting the waterfall you can visit the chocolate shop and the Factory of the coca and pineapple wine.
  • The waterfall, ´The shower of the devil´ is 80m tall.
  • ´The veil of the bridge´ waterfall is 100m where you can swim.
  • You have a view of the Seja Jungle and you can see the tunnel of the mountain range.

Tours to the hot springs

  • 1 day programme.
  • Visit the Honoria district (2 hours in the car with 30 minutes boat ride from Pucallpa)
  • Hike for 2 hour in the jungle.

Tour to Contamana

  • 3 days and 2 nights.
  • In this programme we will travel 5 hours by boat to the Contamana region.
  • 30 mins in the car to the entrance to the hot springs with a 40 minute hike to the hot springs.
  • Lots of time for swimming and chilling out by the waterfalls and hot springs.
  • Come and view the parrots.
  • Food and camping included with 1 night in a hostel.
  • return by flight back to Pucallpa.


Tour to Tingo Maria

  • 2 days and 1 night.
  • 5 hours by car from Pucallpa.
  • Including city tours/waterfalls and sports (rock climbing and zip line).
  • Including hostel/food and all transportation.


All trips can be individualized on demand!


We also offer:

Jungle Tours and Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • Go deep into the Ucayali jungle, travelling by boat.
  • Drink natural plant medicine guided by an experienced shaman.
  • Hiking and fishing in the jungle
  • This programme is for a minimum of 5 days.


Please visit our office in Pucallpa center (opposite of national bank Peru) or contact us under




ph. 984-647993

Jr. Revoluciòn 360, Pucallpa

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