Pucallpa Tours


All prices include transportation cost and entrance fees. Offerings can be customized or combined. Prices can vary depending on the size of the group.

_ Zoo & Museum Tour. See tigers, leopards, pumas, anacondas, monkeys, fossils, etc. Duration approx. 3 hrs // 50 soles per person.

_ Waterfall and Aguaytia City Tour. Shower with Diablo and see the Ovni. Duration approx. 8am – 5pm / 150 soles per person.

_ Boat Tour Lake Yarinacocha/ San Francisco. Visit native Shipibo communities, go fishing, take pictures of anacondas and parrots. Duration 4 hrs / 100 soles per person.

_ Road Tour San Francisco. (From June till November.) Visit native Shipibo communities, etc. Duration 3.5 hrs / 50 soles per person.

_ City Guide Tour. Visit the museums of wood-art & local culture, Plaza de Reloj Público, the local market, etc. Duration 4 hrs / 50 soles p./person.

Jungle and Medical Plant Tour. Go with me (Jair) and the medic of natural medicines / shaman Miguel Pinchi Rivera by boat into the jungle. He started to work with all sorts of medical plants since 1976. Meet also his indigenous friends, go fishing, explore the real jungle and its healing medicines. Rustic accommodation in tents – bushcraft style. Min. 4 days, up to 20 days / Prices and availability on demand.

_ All informations about Pucallpa. Boat-, bus- and airline-tickets, shopping, restaurant, accommodation-recommendations, individual service.

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